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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Youth Generation Expo .

Youth Generation Expo is an Expo created by a group of young ambitious young ladies with the purpose of promoting their fellow Young Kuwaiti Entrepreneurs and Business Enthusiasts. In short, Its an expo for the youth, by the youth. We support any kind of Youth project, businesses, art, talents, etc. Y Gen Expo 2012 was deemed a huge success with audience attendance of about 25,000 guests over 3 days and extensive media exposure. In its second installment Y Gen Expo 2013 is aiming to be bigger and to create a larger impact on Kuwait’s youth and deliver their message of Empowering Young Kuwaitis in the business field. The whole concept of YGen is to introduce the youth the corporate world and introduce the corporate world to the youth as well. They would both benefit form each other. The Youth would learn from the Companies, and Companies would see what the Youth need in order to grow... so its a win win on both sides. We would appreciate your participation and support of such a great cause and event.

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