من ساواك بنفسة ، ما ظلمك

Friday, April 29, 2011

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The Bootstrap Project .

The Bootstrap Project's mission is to create a sustainable platform to promote and retain centuries-old crafts and customs. they create the outlet for the local artisans. The profits of the sales go back to the artists and their communities, through their development partners, to empower them by providing the education and opportunity to retain, preserve and advance their fast-dying crafts, customs and way of life. By purchasing through Bootstrap you allow artisans—who act as the catalyst for their whole communities—to end their own poverty. It’s trade not aid.

Head to The Bootstrap Project website. You'll see baskets made by Raphael in Zambia, 100% of the proceeds from which will help construct a permanent roof to keep his home dry during the rainy season. Wooden stools carved by Sodiqjan in Tajikistan are amongst the finest example of that country's dying craft, and you can help keep it alive.

نحيييييييييييييسة ..

Congratulations .

كلام حكيم

يحكى أن رجلا تكالبت عليه المشاكل من كل جانب وأصبح مهموما مغموما، ولم يجد حلالما هو فيه..

فقرر أن يذهب إلى أحد (الحكماء) لعله يدله على سبيل للخروج من الهم الذي هو فيه

وعندما ذهب إلى الحكيم ..سأله قائلا:

أيها الحكيم لقد أتيتك وما لي حيلة مما أنا فيه من الهم فأرشدني؟

فقال الحكيم بعد أن نظر في وجه ذلك الرجل:

أيها الرجل سأسألك سؤالين وأريد منك إجابتهما

فقال الرجل: اسأل؟

فقال الحكيم: أجئت إلى هذه الدنيا ومعك تلك المشاكل؟

قال الرجل: اللهم لا..

فقال الحكيم: هل ستترك هذه الدنيا وتأخذ معك تلك المشاكل؟

قال الرجل: اللهم لا..

فقال الحكيم: أمر لم تأت به، ولن يذهب معك .. الأجدر ألا يأخذ منك كل هذا الهم فكن صبورعلى أمر الدنيا وليكن نظرك إلى السماء أطول من نظرك إلى الأرض يكن لك ما أردت

فخرج الرجل منشرح الصدر مسرور الخاطر مردد:

أمر لم تأت به ولن يذهب معك

لا يستحق أن يأخذ منك كل هذا الهم

Road Through Snow Canyon Mountain, Japan

Sultan Gallery exhibition .

هذا الحب والا فلا....

Monday, April 25, 2011

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Picture of the day .

Ginette a new concept store in Gemmayzeh , Beirut .

Ginette is a newly opened concept store and eatery located in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. Housing a food , fashion , accessories, grooming products and more, the mezzanine floor is an art space associated with Tokyo’s cutting edge Nanzuka Underground Gallery exhibiting a selection of Japanese art. For all those shopped-out and hungry for some culinary delights, the outdoor terrace features a bistro that serves healthy salads, sandwiches and a selection of desserts.

Gemmayze, Gouraud Street

Beirut, Lebanon

Margarita Pizza @ Gemmayzeh , Beirut .

The best ever pizza that you can eat , so juicy , so delicious , some times you have to queue for a while to find a table especially during meal hour , but it is worth waiting , make sure to try it once you are in Beirut .
In the heart of Gemmayzeh, Gouraud street, approximately opposite the police station.

Stella McCartney ... Zara version .

Heremlique and Selamlique , now in Beirut down town .

Haremlique is now open in Beirut, the “Paris of the Middle East”, its first store outside Turkey amongst a number of proposals from Europe and the Middle East.

Haremlique specializes in the production of high quality linen products to cater the needs of public and private residencies all over the world. The company’s defining concept springs from the modern city of Istanbul where it is based, but takes inspiration in the elegance of the themes used in Ottoman designs. Selamlique specializes in different flavor of turkish coffee packed in well designed envelopes made of special beans .

Sunday, April 24, 2011

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Patient's helping fund @ Adailiyah clinic . very civilized .

I saw this beautiful canteen at Adailiyah clinic , Adailyah , and i was really surprised to find this well colored and well displayed canteen , and what struck my eye's that it mention Patient's helping fund , i don't know who's behind this wonderful idea and who's supporting it , but if it means what it say's i think it's an excellent thing to be done and i hope it will extend to the rest of the other clinics in Kuwait . Who's ever behind it , i give him 2 thumbs up for 2 reasons , first , the idea of the fund , second for the civilized beautiful way to display canteen items , not the one we used to see ( Aluminum or other ugly canteens !!!!!!! ) , thank you for brighting us up .

طياره صقور من صيد منغوليا..

Souad Amiri's , beautiful Beautiful , must see .

Jewelry exhibition, Kunooz @ Al-Raya Ballroom

Octium is proudly participating in this year's jewelry exhibition, Kunooz. For 5 days only, we will showcase a wide range of collections especially for this occassion. Octium carefully selected pieces ranging from daily simple wear to one-off pieces.
We would be honored by your presence.

When: Sunday, April 24th - 28th
Hours: 10am - 10pm
Where: Al-Raya Ballroom

Dar Al Mashreq Gallery ,Grand Opening

Dar Al Mashreq Gallery cordially invites you to its Grand Opening on Monday 25th April, 2011 at 7:00pm. The gallery will include a diverse selection of artwork for pioneers artists , such as : Sammi Mohammed , Khazaal AL Gaffas , Jassem Bu Hamad , Hameed Khazaal & Mahmoud Ashkanani from Kuwait. Omar AL Najdi & George Bahjouri from Egypt.

Dar Al Mashreq is located at Salhiya Complex, Mezzanine II, Shop 16

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Hotdog .. Looooool ...

Wall baskets .

Brighten up your wall with these colorful baskets .

Indian Fashion Week .

Engines Expo event .

This Spring’s Main Event at the Scientific Center’s Center Parking lot! Introducing ”Engines Expo:” a one-of-a-kind expo hosting top-notch Kuwaiti businesses that have a respectable reputation and are popular and on demand in the Kuwaiti market. Businesses will pop their trunks and showcase you the best items they offer! Limited spaces available, so book your parking space quick!

When: April 21st, 22nd & 23rd
Where: Center Parking (Shaded)
Hours: 4 pm -10 pm
Theme: ”Car Booths”
For reservations or for more info:engines.expo@gmail.com or 6033-3406
Twitter: @Engines_Expo

Pottery Barn earth day .

Monday, April 18, 2011

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A piece of art . Ring .

This ring is by a turkish designer Selda Okutan inspired by John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men literary masterpiece.

The art work of Hamad & Ali @ Sultan Gallery .

The second installment of the Reminiscing Kuwait series which was launched in December 2007. The collection features mixed media paintings with the subject Kuwait and Arabic culture in the 1950’s and 1960’s as well as video installations. Hamad & Ali’s aim is to bring back memories of the past and conserve them for the future generations. The art work presented by Hamad & Ali invites the viewer to experience history and Arabic traditions from a playful and yet very detailed point of view. Using the history as a path to the future the artists’ work involved many contemporary and traditional painting techniques combined with digital imagery and photography. Further this year Hamad & Ali's eigth solo exhibition will be held at Lahd Gallery in London on May 26th.

When: Tuesday, April 19th
Where: Sultan Gallery (Sabhan, Sadeer Co, Block B, Street 105, Building 168)
Tel: 0096524704325/6/7