من ساواك بنفسة ، ما ظلمك

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hot pot

Some body got me these delicious large hot pot chocolate , believe me it's so sweet and warm
you have to try it , mouth watering . can't resist .
Hot pot , Tel ; 60023030

Ta3refuni .

The design is by French-Lebanese artist and graphic designer Jacqueline Bejani, the talent behind Ferka 16, ("Squad 16") a line of high-quality hoodies, tees and tunics for men and women, combining classic Arabic texts with modern design and urban style. they hold many other designs
you can order through thier web site ; www.ferka16.com

Laura Day , ruling book , interesting .

Day's book will give you the results that you have been searching for quickly and sufficiently. By following the techniques that Day recommends, you can do all of this without even leaving the comfort of your couch. She gives you the strength to look inside yourself and how to use that knowledge to better your life. So get ready to get to know your true self and learn how to make your life more effective and easy.
Oprah's recommendation , you can order it from, amazon.com .

Book ur booth , K town Karnival

K town karnival , event will be held at Wahran park , Shamiya , during 16 - 18 Feb , be part of the fun and book your booth , there will be great music , outlets sale , yummy treats and much more , contact ; 55377363 , 55377383 .
don't miss it .

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

mini molton cakes

That is what's left from our order .
I've ordered these delicious mini molton cakes today , they are so delicious and presentable , they cost 8,000 KD for 2 dozen , you can order them through this number
( 99986161 ).
believe me , mouth watering .....

Givenchy couture 2010

my favorite

Chanel couture 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Armani couture

Christian Dior couture 2010

check ; www.style.com


i love this postcard which i got from my favorite blog (www.p0ach.com)

where he launched a project that people can mail their secrets on one side of a postcard. The idea of this is for others to be aware that there is someone out there that shares same feelings, emotions, secrets, etc as them . The project is called PostSecretKuwait.

www.postsecretkuwait.blogspot.com .

creative thinking

nothing impossible

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kebbe B'l Synia , recipe

1/2 kg ground Meat
3-4 medium Tomatos, cut to small cubes
1/2 cup Tahini sauce
1 big chopped Onion
1tsp Salt
Olive oil for frying
1 spoonful spice mixture recipe below , or the 7 spices , (lebanese spices ).

The spice mixture:
1/2tsp of each of these spices: turmeric, black pepper, cumin, coriander seeds, allspice.

Optional but worth the effort:
50gr pine nuts, lightly roasted on a pan
a handful of chopped parsly

a. Put the onion in a hot pan with the olive oil, and fry gently .
b. Add the spices and go one frying for a short moment, then add the meet.
c. Saute the meet while gently crumbling, until it changes it’s color. Add the pine nuts and chopped parsley and take of the fire.
d. Put the meet in a 30×20cm baking pan. Cover with a layer of tomato cubes and pour over the tahini sauce, so it would cover the tomatos.
e. Bake in a medium heated oven, for about 20 minutes, until the tahini is lighly crusted, changing color and texture.
for more taste , add lebanese fried bread over , and bel3afiya .

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My new Vespa scooter , a real fun ride .

A fashionable after noon tea @ the Berkeley hotel , London

Prêt-à-Porte is the name of the afternoon tea @ the Berkeley hotel , London , with cakes and pastries inspired by the latest fashion season's catwalk designs for the style . It may not be the traditional English afternoon tea but who cares? It's a fashion !

Alexander McQueen Ad for spring 2010

,Raquel Zimmerman is a real model: one who takes the risk of posing with more than 30 snakes for the Spring 2010 Alexander McQueen ad.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tiny little chairs jewllery

This little gem got out a bit early and has been blowing up the internet for a couple days now.
we have worked on this jewelry with Uranium for close to a year now and all is ready. The collection features some of the most iconic designs of the mid century and are available in gold, silver and Bronze to start off. The first 5 chairs will be available on our online store in early January and will hit select retail stores in the following months. Stay up on tinylittlechairs.com andbruxedesign.com

عرض خاص من شركة هندسية لتصميم الحرم المكي Mecca

must see ....

الورد جميل ، جميل الورد

these flowers are from my house , i love them .

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bookwave Hanging Storage

The Bookwave Hanging Storage, it’s a curtain, a room divider and a bookshelf. Made in felt fabric and stainless steel, the modular unit expands to any size to meet the growing needs of the users. The Bookwave Hanging Storage would look awesome in a commercial space. Priced at £1,006.

Wear that cake and eat it too…

A woman named Lukka Sigurdardottir made this edible wedding dress. Or, alternatively, a wearable wedding cake.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden apricots of Damascus

Ghraoui, an old Damascus establishment founded in 1805, was the first food manufacturer in the region to produce chocolate confections after Sadek Ghraoui brought some chocolate back from France in 1931. So unfamiliar was cocoa to the local palate that gifts of silver spoons and letter openers were included in the purchase as an incentive to buy. On a recent visit to the store, however, we were seduced by a more traditional Syrian confiserie, glazed fruits, and we particularly loved the stoned apricots filledwith roasted pistachios.

Al Ta'awon st , bida'a resort , near al bida'a roundabout
tel : (965) 2253138

واللة وناسة

المعزومين مستانسين والمعاريس مستانسين سبحان اللة مثل العرس عندنا
تهقون ، ثاني يوم شنو الناس راح تقول

Laduree Bollywood collection , mouth watering

The Bollywood collection is a slight departure from the usual macaroon recipe. Each ball consists of a biscuit garnished with cream and coated in a very light meringue, with pink being grenadine strawberry; green, mint chocolate; yellow, citrus lemon and ivory, coconut raspberry.

I see it , i like it , we can make it


AC Milan soccer school camp in Q8 at Loyac .

Sunday, January 17, 2010

it is worth visiting

There is nothing like an invitation for a lovely tea party , but it turns out to be a feast of tea parties that catch your breath , at Ricamo tea party exhibition , at alTilal .
The display is an eye catching , the Chinese vases centered in the middle of the table , surrounded by a lovely dinner settings , silver trays , silver baskets, table ornaments , candle lanterns , many beautiful vases in different shapes and colors , accompanied by a lovely arrangement of flowers by au nom de la rose , cushions and paintings .
it is worth visiting .

Al Tilal mall


Zaha Hadid is the architect who we can’t get enough .
Every single work which she creates amazes us and has the world talking about it! Whether she’s designing architecture, industrial design, or fashion, the 2004 Pritzker Prize winner has wowed us with all of her designs which have been presented throughout her career. if you ever wanted to see all of her works in one venue now is the time as all architectural, industrial and fashion designs will be on display until March 1, 2010. The exhibition examines Hadid’s sustained experimentation and research into digital design and construction methods at the cutting edge of the industry.