من ساواك بنفسة ، ما ظلمك

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Patient's helping fund @ Adailiyah clinic . very civilized .

I saw this beautiful canteen at Adailiyah clinic , Adailyah , and i was really surprised to find this well colored and well displayed canteen , and what struck my eye's that it mention Patient's helping fund , i don't know who's behind this wonderful idea and who's supporting it , but if it means what it say's i think it's an excellent thing to be done and i hope it will extend to the rest of the other clinics in Kuwait . Who's ever behind it , i give him 2 thumbs up for 2 reasons , first , the idea of the fund , second for the civilized beautiful way to display canteen items , not the one we used to see ( Aluminum or other ugly canteens !!!!!!! ) , thank you for brighting us up .

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